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Påmeldingsfrist til VM-2018: 7. Mai

Påmeldingsfristen for VM nærmer seg.

Gi Chris Skogen ( chrisskogen[at]live.no)  beskjed innen 7. mai om dere skal være med til VM. Denne gang er det ingen kvote for landene, så i år kan alle dra.

  • NOR 251 “Bølla” fra Trondheim er klar
  • NOR 344 “RedWhiteBlue” er klar
  • NOR 404 “Team Guffen” er klar
  • NOR 411 Thor er kanskje klar

Hva med deg?

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IYA om støtte til ungd.-team/ worlds

To all NYA:s

Dear Friends

As you may know the AGM in Norway decided to use funds to support youth teams at the world Championship. These funds was used primarily for overseas boat charter but to further help all youth teams it has now been decided that ALL youth teams will have a lower entry fee at the worlds

The entry fee for ALL youth teams at the worlds in Austria is 200 EUR. The NoR on the event website, ynglingworlds2016.at<http://ynglingworlds2016.at> has been amended with this information.

All NYA:s will shortly receive information with their approved quota based on the application for entry and paid boat stickers. 

 Best Regards

Mattias Dahlstrom

IYA President

(mail fra 2. mai 2016)

Foto: Ungdomsteamet NOR138 Skyline: Norges-cupen under RAN Eintype 2014

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Annual General Meeting IYA 2013

20. Juli arrangeres den årlige generalsforsamling i International Yngling Association i Sveits. NYK deltar og under er agenda for møtet. Legg merke til at Norge er søkerland for VM i 2015. Innspill og kommentarer ??

International Yngling Association​
AGM 2013, Saturday 20 July, 16:00 hrs
Proposed Agenda

1. Call to order – Attendees and Apologies
2. Opening of the meeting​
3. Election of Chairman and Secretary for the meeting​
4. Approval of the Notice of Meeting and the Agenda SP (WHITE)
5. Recognition and update of new National Yngling Associations​
6. Minutes of AGM 2012 in Aarhus Denmark. SP (RED)
7. The Annual Report 2012, SP (YELLOW)
8. Report from WSC
9. Financial Statement SP (GREEN), Report of the Auditors TBC​
10. Discharge of the Executive Committee
11. Amendments Constitution: Proposals SP (BLUE)​
12. Amendments Championship Rules: Proposals SP (BLUE)
13. Amendments Class Rules: No Proposals from NYA:s
• Report from IYA Technical Committee TBC
14. Review of IYA info. Magazine, website, facebook.​
15. Future Regattas​
​•2014 Springtime Europeans, confirming status and dates
​•2014 Open WC, Germany, approving advance NoR, presenation
​•2015 Open WC, decide venue, application from SWE and NOR
17. Builders Information: Abbott CAN, Smidmore AUS, Mader GER, Børresen DEN, DeWolf USA, Petticrow GBR
18. Membership- and Label fees SP (BLUE), Budget for 2013-2014. SP (GREEN)
19. Elections/Appointments​•President for one year
​•Vice President for one year
​•Hon Secretary for one or two years
•Women SC Chairman for one or two years
•Chief Measurer and Technical Committee
•Web Master for one or two years.
•Certified Auditor
(Treasurer serving second year)
20. ISAF Classes Committee – IYA representative
21. IYA Yngling for the Future program, presentation. SP (ppt mail)
22. Any other business
23. Date and time for next AGM
24. Closing of meeting.

SP=Supporting Papers​TBC=To be circulated at meeting

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Yngling blir ikke OL-klasse i 2012

Dette kom akkurat inn fra Mattias Dahlström:

Dear Friends

Unfortunately I have to tell you that the Yngling has not been selected for the 2012 Women Keelboat event. As you know it has been decided that the event will be in match racing format. The ISAF Council that voted today to support a modified version of a boat called Eliot 6 that has been used for match racing before.

To the Olympic girls now leaving the Class for new challenges we wish you all the best. We feel certain that your years in the Yngling have provided you with the experience and skill to achieve your highest goals within sailing. Good Luck and you will always be welcome back for a visit in the class.

The Yngling Class now needs to focus on the core values that have made the class as successful as it is for the last 40 years. With 800 boatowner members world wide the Yngling is on of the largest true International Classes with intercontinental racing.

Leaving the Olympic arena the Class is left with a great number of good used boats that will serve the open fleet and sailing academys well for many years ahead. We have several Licensed and very experienced builders and our Class Rule is modern and in very good condition.

The Yngling has proved itself as a very suitable youth and education boat. Across the world the boat is used in sailing school and youth regattas. With the IYA Youth Exchange program young sailors gets the opportunity to see the world and experience sailing in other countries.

Yngling is one of the few keel boats where you can race internationally on a reasonable budget. The boat is easily towed behind a normal car, and there is a well established charter boat network. The class focus on youth also helps to keep the price down at regattas.

The Class is strong and have well organised National Yngling Associations taking care of local fleets and regatta series. Every year an Open Word Championship and several other Championships are held.

Anyone can sail an Yngling and this shows at regattas. Youth teams, sailmakers, boatbuilders, families, friends, old and young, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen are enjoying Yngling sailing.

Kind Regards,


Mattias Dahlstrom
Executive Secretary

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