Kan man dra til VM med gamle båter?

Det er nok ikke alle norske ynglinger som vil måle inn til deltagelse i VM.
NYK har forhørt seg med Holland ang muligheten for å chartre båt der,
og svaret kom nå nettopp:

The question about the boats is difficult to answer.
In itself, age does not affect the speed of an Yngling. We have the 124,
from 1972, competing at top level, and so do a number of other boats.
They are however equiped with good masts, correct trim and recent sails.

There could be other reasons to charter a boat too: less travel expenses,
to try another boat, to get to know the Yngling..

We will therefor offer boats for charter through the Yngling Club Holland.
They will be on our website soon: www.yngling.nl

There will be 4 levels of boats:
recent (2001 Australian) boats, with modern basic lay-out
refit boats, modern basic regatta layout,
recent (2004) Mader boats, Olympic lay-out
ex- Olympic boats complete with sails.

Prices will range from 400 to 1200 euro’s.

Depending on the ambitions, I can recommend all of these boats.
Please apply for one soon, as requests wil be delt with in order, and
supply is limited……

Keep an eye on our website, the official Worlds website will launch near
March 1st.


Maarten Jamin