Annual General Meeting IYA 2013

20. Juli arrangeres den årlige generalsforsamling i International Yngling Association i Sveits. NYK deltar og under er agenda for møtet. Legg merke til at Norge er søkerland for VM i 2015. Innspill og kommentarer ??

International Yngling Association​
AGM 2013, Saturday 20 July, 16:00 hrs
Proposed Agenda

1. Call to order – Attendees and Apologies
2. Opening of the meeting​
3. Election of Chairman and Secretary for the meeting​
4. Approval of the Notice of Meeting and the Agenda SP (WHITE)
5. Recognition and update of new National Yngling Associations​
6. Minutes of AGM 2012 in Aarhus Denmark. SP (RED)
7. The Annual Report 2012, SP (YELLOW)
8. Report from WSC
9. Financial Statement SP (GREEN), Report of the Auditors TBC​
10. Discharge of the Executive Committee
11. Amendments Constitution: Proposals SP (BLUE)​
12. Amendments Championship Rules: Proposals SP (BLUE)
13. Amendments Class Rules: No Proposals from NYA:s
• Report from IYA Technical Committee TBC
14. Review of IYA info. Magazine, website, facebook.​
15. Future Regattas​
​•2014 Springtime Europeans, confirming status and dates
​•2014 Open WC, Germany, approving advance NoR, presenation
​•2015 Open WC, decide venue, application from SWE and NOR
17. Builders Information: Abbott CAN, Smidmore AUS, Mader GER, Børresen DEN, DeWolf USA, Petticrow GBR
18. Membership- and Label fees SP (BLUE), Budget for 2013-2014. SP (GREEN)
19. Elections/Appointments​•President for one year
​•Vice President for one year
​•Hon Secretary for one or two years
•Women SC Chairman for one or two years
•Chief Measurer and Technical Committee
•Web Master for one or two years.
•Certified Auditor
(Treasurer serving second year)
20. ISAF Classes Committee – IYA representative
21. IYA Yngling for the Future program, presentation. SP (ppt mail)
22. Any other business
23. Date and time for next AGM
24. Closing of meeting.

SP=Supporting Papers​TBC=To be circulated at meeting