VM i Holland 2010

VM i Yngling går 18. – 23. juli i Lelystad. Vi håper på stor norsk deltagelse!
NYK har fått mail fra VM-arrangøren i Holland:

We as Yngling Club Holland are very honored that we can host next year’s Yngling World Championships.
It could be a crucial one for the future of the Yngling Class.
We want to make a great event out of it. Therefore we would like to ask for your help!

The organization is governed by a foundation called OCS (what’s in a name…) of which we are an integral part.
We will do everything together with the Splash / Flash class: 200 young sailors (and their parents….)
So, a solid base to work from.

A lot of things are already in place:
– Charter boats, including ex-Olympic ones
An abundance of volunteers and students to help with everything from registration and measurement to catering and security.
– A new harbor with brand new moorings
– Custom build camp site next to the boats
– All catering on site, including breakfast and dinner options
– Accommodation in classic Dutch boats in the harbor
– Two very experienced race committees
– Two weeks of free craning
– Full training program in the week before, hosted by the YCH’s trainers
– Free after sail snack
“ Strong endorsement by the local government
– VIP program
– Family program
– Museum, historic ship building, outlet shopping center all at walking distance

But now we need the sailors to show up! We can host 120 boats easily, are aiming for 80 and definitely want more boats to compete than in the last years…..

We have a few questions:

Why did some Norwegian sailors stay away the last couple of years? What can we improve?

We would like to see at least 4 Norwegian boats, is that realistic?

Do you have any suggestions how to attract the Norwegians?

Hope to hear from you soon,
Best regards,

Maarten Jamin
Yngling Club Holland